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What We Do :

We offers a wide range of services to our members as mentioned below.

  • Policy formulation, representation at national and international forums, arbitration etc.
  • We offer network opportunities to our members with other players in the industry both locally and internationally.Such opportunities includes introduction to cfs owners, warehouse operators, transporters, roro dealers, and over seas clients .
  • Organize seminars and workshops where members are enlightened on a myriad of issues that affect the industry and business information on trade arrangements under various trade governing bodies/blocks such as EAC, AGOA,COMESA,WTO amongst others.
  • Representation to the government on various issues of concern such as Infrastructure, Energy, Telecommunication, Illicit Trade, Counterfeit and Unfriendly regulations.
  • Assistance to members to engage in strategic Corporate Social Responsibility through the application of the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.  

Our Objectives:

  1. To promote and protect the legitimate and ethical business practices  as undertaken by  all Cargo handling  Agents / operators  whether Freight forwarding, Warehouse  operations, ship agency  and such other trades that directly or indirectly affect or influence the well being of the cargo supply chain industry
  2. To collect, collate and circulate amongst its members information and statistics relating to or affecting the business interests of the members.
  3. To represent and advocate the views and policies of the Association to Governments, other authorities, associations and organizations.
  4. To initiate, promote, support or approve legislative and other measures affecting or likely to affect the interests of the Association.
  5. To amalgamate, affiliate or co-ordinate with any other organizations or subscribe to or become a member of any organizations which would be appropriate and in the interests of the Association.
  6. To promote and encourage consultations and close cooperation in business relations in the industry  between and amongst members.
  7. To promote the adoption of uniform  documents and standard terms , tariffs and conditions of services provided by members.
  8. To enforce the Code of Conduct of the Association among its members.